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Akasia Cloud Cost Best Practice Infographics

Infographic #3:  Save by using Uptime Management on Cloud Infrastructure

Infographic #2:  BYOL vs Cloud Native Licensing - what's cheaper?

Infographic #1:  Right-Sizing Cloud Servers & Save

Infographic #4:  Is VMware-on-Cloud Cheaper?

Learn how Cloud Cost Modeling can help you save 30-60% on Cloud Migration Projects!

Save 30-60% in cloud costs by right-sizing your VMs on cloud hosts using Akasia's innovative, easy to use cloud cost modeling software that navigates the millions of possibilities effortlessly.

Learn how Bring-Your-Own-Licenses compares with licenses included when you provision your VMs on the big 5 cloud platforms—AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and Oracle.

Learn how to save up to 30% in cloud costs by utilizing uptime management in daily VM operations to choose between spot, reserved, and on demand services.

Determine the cost-effectiveness of lifting and shifting your business to VMware-on-Cloud vs. converting your data to cloud native infrastructure.