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Discover applications, virtual machines and physical hosts, their configurations and usage patterns to give you a jumpstart in modeling their costs in the cloud.

Our discovery is agentless and takes only minutes to complete.

Auto-discover On-Prem Infrastructure and Applications

Model all the combinations and permutations of cloud services on all 5 major cloud platforms based on your on-prem architecture

Decide which cloud is the best for you or your clients based on cost and performance.

Visualize Cloud Costs in Minutes

AVP - Infrastructure Services at Chevron

Andrew Ng

"The cloud models prepared by the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler gave us incredible clarity about what we could expect to pay if we migrated our on-prem VMs to the cloud. The entire cloud planning process from discovery to mapping, what-if analysis and modeling was intuitive and easy."

Senior System Administrator at MoneyMart 

Chris Halling-Brown 

Akasia is a SaaS based solution for discovering your On-Prem solution and allowing you to visualize your costs on the destination Cloud platform of your choice

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Remotely discover On-Prem VMware Infrastructure

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How to Cost Optimize your On-Prem to Cloud Migration

Inventory all On-Premises VMware Virtual Machines.  Discover all network, memory, storage configurations through a simple, lightweight ad non-invasive collector.  Works on bare metal infrastructure too.

Pack your VMs tighter for more cost savings. Choose network, storage, disk, databases to maximize performance and minimize costs on AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

Akasia will help you uncover hidden costs you would not otherwise find.

Model and Optimize for your Final On-Cloud Architecture

Save thousands or tens of thousands per month on Cloud Costs

Cost Optimization for VMware On-Prem to Cloud Migrations 

The Akasia Infrastructure Modeler was invaluable in identifying the closest equivalents for our on-prem VMs and allowing us to model various architectures in the cloud. We loved the speed and accuracy of AIM and how quickly it provided us with the data we needed to make our cloud migration decision,” 

Cloud Modeling and "What If" Analysis

Don't just take our word for it

Saas.  Not Spreadsheets

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