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New From Akasia: VMware-on-Cloud on IBM and Our B2B Podcast Feature

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Contained in this quick-to-digest infographic:

  • A detailed comparison of services and benefits of each of the 5 major cloud platforms
  • Generalized cost benefits of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions
  • A real life case study of Akasia's cost modeler
  • A special offer to receive a FREE license for Akasia's infrastructure modeler

Is VMware-on-Cloud with IBM right for you?

All cloud platforms have VMware-on-Cloud Options - which
one is most cost effective for you?

Download our new infographic to find out!

Exciting News: Our Founder Garima Thockchom is featured on the B2B Tech Talk Podcast!

Tune in to discover:

  • How to fill the void of metering solutions for cloud environments
  • The strengths of each major cloud provider
  • The benefits of VMware on IBM Cloud

Download our infographic to receive the link to listen!