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Best Practices:  VMware-on-Cloud vs Cloud Native

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Contained in this quick-to-digest infographic:

  • Tips for how to determine what is more cost effective for your environment--VMware-on-Cloud or Cloud Native?
  • An outline of VMware-on-Cloud services available from each of the 5 major public cloud platforms
  • How migrating to VMware-on-Cloud can save you time and money
  • How Akasia can help you compare on-premises, VMware-on-Cloud, and cloud native costs
  • How you can generate 30-80% in cloud savings
  • A real life example from one of our satisfied clients

Is VMware-on-Cloud right for you?

Should you lift-and-shift your on-premises environment to VMware-on-Cloud services offered by AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle? Or should you convert to their native VM infrastructure? 

Download this infographic to find out!